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There are some minds on the Wired which cry for the knife. -V. Fleischer

Der Grund

This site’s designated purpose is to serve as a formative gathering place for all the fragmented ideological elements and concepts related to anti-comallodianist thought.

More will be written about the ideology in due time.

Über das Sinnbild

The symbol above represents the essence of anti-comallodianist thought, which is the abstracted vorpal force or penetrative, allocative function of a knife that is directed towards oneself.

The meaning of this statement will be elaborated on in due time.

Über der Anticomallodianismus

As a neology, comallodianism comes from the words comfort, wallow and acedia, which taken together denote a general circumstance or state of being that can be characterized as “torpor wallowing in comfort – comfortable apathy.”

As such, what anti-comallodianism as an ideology seeks to accomplish, is simply stated the negation and development of methods for combating this state of being.

Comallodianism cannot be reduced to a mere state of being a person finds oneself in, an actively held belief or some form of psychological affliction - it is the sum total of various processes propagated by current state of affairs and their interlinkings with a person's specific and personal deficiencies.

Von bloßer Möglichkeit zur bemerkenswert Wirklichkeit!

As you can see, the site is still under construction and the ideatic fabric is still lacking in substance – the totality has halted at an imperfect state of being.

But, eventually, and gradually, the scope of anti-comallodianist credo will expand in width as well as in depth and with it the deficiencies of the site will be supplemented and its imperfections expunged.