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There are some minds on the Wired which cry for the knife.

There is something very wrong with how our world is currently operating. It doesn't take a library-rat to deduce it, and many of us can even instinctively sense that things, to put it mildly, are not looking too good at the moment. And if our current trajectory remains constant, things are about to spiral even further out of control. Astonishingly, and contrary to all expectations of reason, vast majority of us have resigned ourselves either to a detached apathy or an overbearing despair when faced with our future prospects and of the things which it ushers with it. It is now or never a time for us to wake from our complacent slumber and finally act on that instinct!

This site’s designated purpose is to serve as an incubator for awakening, strengthening, and spreading the latent seedlings of opposition, which emanate from as of yet consciously unrealized, but unconsciously felt and apprehended desire for negation. The object of this negation is, of course, the state of alienatedness engendered by, and perpetuated through, the barrenness of our Lebenswelt, our life-world, and the incremental hollowing of our very being by the life-siphoning factors and influences, which are the root of our weak, apathetic and inactive state of being.

The ideological assortment of divergent ideas, concepts, statements, and abstractions presented here on this site is to be referred collectively as ”Anti-comallodianism.” It is meant as a tool for overcoming our self-imposed immaturity, alienatedness, and other common mental blockages on our way to psychic wholeness. Our sole goal is the development of methods, tools and ideas for priming and tuning our own attitudes into the right frequency in the hopes of kickstarting and cultivating in a subject a psychological process that would lead to the emergence of a robust, antifragile will.

Ours is the antidote to the sterility, deadness and nihilism of these Hypermodern times, and it is we who still possess an unextinguishable lust and inexhaustible desire for truer passions, it is we who still dare long for meaning, and it is we who still seek the highest and intensest points of life amidst this spiritual ruin and decay stretching far into the boundless horizon of the desert of the real.

It is we who are still in pursuit of nobler stars! Can you say the same?

About Anti-comallodianism

Bearer of the curse… Seek life. Greater, more powerful life. Seek vitae, that is the only way. Lest the TV ads swallow you whole.

The stated objective of Anti-comallodianism is the rekindling of the divine spark within the lost, empty souls who wander this wretched land aimlessly never to know neither the ambrosiac delights of earthly Elysium nor the highest peaks of the soul. It is our contention that the root cause to our plight is nothing more than what will here henceforward be called comallodianism.

As a neology,comallodianism comes from the words comfort, wallow and acedia, which taken together denote a general circumstance, condition, or state of being that can be characterized as “torpor wallowing in comfort – comfortable apathy.” This is meant not as an exhaustive definition, but as a mere bare-boned sketch, a mere prick at the internal composition of the phenomenon under exposition. What is important to note here is that, as with subjective matters in general, so it is with how comallodianism makes itself known to us: it varies from person to person by its causes, intensity as well as its symptoms.

Due to this fickle, subject-particular nature of comallodianism itself, even the remedies prescribed for treating it has to conform to the original disease's form for it to have any kind of effect at all - to assume another person's regimen would be tantamous to carrying that person's cross on top of your own. That is why all remedies have to be tailor-made to suit the individual's own specific needs within the bounds of his or her own mind's unique makeup - the context set out by the individual's personal psyche as a whole - against the backdrop of the larger Zeitgeist, the spirit of the time.

Ultimately Anti-comallodianism strives to provide all potentially-autonomous individuals a basic, most essential theoretical framework from which to launch their own personal crusades against comallodianism, in defiance of the Spectacle and the process of our collective metamorphosis into the hollow, passive, pathetic Last Men, stripped off of our capacity to effect change and to exert our wills upon the world as true individuals.

It is the sworn duty of all initiates of Anti-comallodianism to subjugate themselves totally under the iron rule of reason, to face up to their internal challenges on their own terms, and, finally, to force themselves to be free in order for the process of expanded expression of life to fully take hold of them. No matter wherever they begin to germinate, whatever exacerbates their growth, and whenever they inflict their blight on our own Geist, our spirit, we will resist consumer culture-induced hollowing and a life of mediocrity.

Whatever stands on the way of us attaining and securing a healthy mind, body, and spirit for ourselves and our fellow-man shall be abolished!


In order to force a person to be free you must do more than push them. To really emancipate them is to give them power to face their Self.

The symbol above represents and encapsulates the essence of Anti-comallodianist thought, which is the abstracted vorpal force or penetrative, allocative function of a knife that is directed towards oneself.

What is signified by this, is merely the form of emancipation achieved through dominative introspection of the self, raised to the nth power: by the application of psychodynamic analyses unto ourselves in accordance to unhindered reason, we may reveal to ourselves what our internal psychic composition is, and, with the right kind of adjustments, optimize our psychic totality to compensate for the restraining and confining influences to our internal growth that the prevailing state of affairs actively inhibits and seeks to pre-emptively smother.

This mysterious phenomenon will be elaborated further upon in due time in the Anti-comallodianist writings still to come.


Celia: Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
The Catn't Grin: That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.
Celia: I don't much care. Anywhere--
The Catn't Grin: Then there's nothing much for you to do but to divide by zero.
Celia: --where I can stand in uffish and frumious thoughts and have a little bit of snickersnee!
The Catn't Grin: Umm... Second door on the right?

The knife shows us the way, and so anyone unfamiliar with the ideology at hand should first and foremost acquaint himself or herself with [Anatomy of Knife], which, as the title suggests, is merely the examination of a knife's physical makeup.

Once a solid understanding of the basics has been established, the initiate is to journey onwards to the department of [Contentions], which is divided between [Philosophics], [Theoretics], [Psychologics], and [Vitaeologics]. These comprise the core of Anti-comallodianist thought, and the initiate may proceed further in his or her own voluntary self-indoctrination in the order he or she chooses in accordance to his or her own needs, preferences, and inclinations. However, a specific reading-order is recommended when engaging with the materials - this will be provided at a later time.

Excluding the [Domain] page, the three remaining departments of [Manifestations], [Infornographics], and [Trash] exist to animate Anti-comallodianist thought: [Trash] provides it with a past, [Manifestations] with a present, and [Infornographics], hopefully, with a future by flinging the arrow of longing into the far-away distance which only art, when correctly realised, can accomplish.

From Mere Possibility to Remarkable Actuality!

The site is still under construction and the ideology is still lacking in substance – the totality has halted at an imperfect state of being on its voyage towards a point.

But, eventually, and gradually, the scope of Anti-comallodianist credo will expand in width as well as in depth, and with it the deficiencies of the site will be supplemented and its imperfections expunged.