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[A-Com./Manifestations: 1.01]

Hollow, Aimless, Inactive, Stricken, Tacky, Apathetic, Wilted, Isolated, Tedious, Trivial, Unsatisfied.

Too fucked up to even care anymore...

Cut the bullshit! Stop spreading the fault! And while you're at it, cut your umbilical cord, you don't have a need for it anymore.

In this regression you have to try to cut your break. Latch onto anything you can find.

When you've consumed enough clutter, you'll have to start slashing and cutting away the excessives. Open up everything you've gathered. Dissect and vivisect all you can get your hands on. Re-evaluate EVERYTHING!

"The fuck am I supposed to do?"

Do something, anything to get off your ass, for fuck's sake!

If you think that you've wasted your life up until this point, then observe what's left of you now. "This is me and this is the situation I am in right now", should be your mantra.

Let the sheer horror of passing time petrify you without distractions. No comfort. No caressing. No easy-going. No sympathetic ears.

Only horror.