Behind the Curtains


Kehittelyä 'kulissien takana' -selitykselle:

-the redemption/redeeming of the hollow, previous existence

-when escalated, the shispers of the soul are brough into a great, fiery conflagration that will burn an indelible impression onto the established order that will take the [spot of] crown jewel of the [picture show] of your life.

-it (re)kindles the [cinder] of conscious spark, and gives a form to the formless. It is the first mover that creates something out of nothing.

-"we dance around in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows."

-"Art may not save lives, but it does save souls."

-it is spirit made flesh and ennobled by the truth of a thousand faces.

-An expan[sion] of expression of life, echoed from the deep caverns of the [impressed] self.