Behind the Curtains


Pertaining to the previous Contention’s choice of designation, we came to the decision of using the term ‘allocation’ as the proper umbrella term for this complex of functions by reason(s) of it imposing and expressing the wanted kind of intellectual or ideational outlook and stressing on the centrality of an overarching scheme or plan.

(in plain words: the dispassionate tendencies of observing the allocative process [(while it works its…magic? at/in) working at the object; to [gain an] understand the object more in-depth by reducing it into its parts] and to avoid overlooking or undervaluing/discriminating any of the resulting distributions [originating from the first undifferentiated origin], all done in the name of achieving an articulated wholeness).

[the outlook that is being referred to here, is, to put it plainly, the attitude that seeks to preserve the distributions that come about through their severance from their original unity in accordance to a plan]

[to cluster them this way, is done for the sake of not discriminating between them or devaluing one over another; to stress the fact that we need them all, together.]